THE KERALA TILE COMPANY is the brand name of REDFORT BRICK & ROOFING SOLUTION INDIA PVT LTD is rapidly becoming a leading & one of the most trusted names in the field of Roofing tiles, Weather-Proof and Decorative Tiles & Wire-Cut Bricks. Our company may be young in age, but it is wise in experience, having sourced its workforce (Management & Factory Floor) from some of the biggest names in the tile industry. Sharing our belief that “things can be done better” they have enabled us to grow into an organization that rewards innovation, expects dedication and delivers excellence that is unmatched in our sector.

Our large list of satisfied clientele and contented architects speak for our products and for us. Providing a profitable as well as beautiful alternative to concrete roofing, the company redefined the aesthetic concept about buildings, with its high quality, diverse and versatile range of designs in clay-Inspired by Indian traditions and from those across the world. These are adapted to suit Indian conditions and go through rigorous quality tests.

Mangalore tiles, Portuguese type tiles, Taylor type tiles, Japan-Dutch type tiles, Double Spanish type tiles, Double Pyramid type tiles, Master Bamboo type tiles, Flower Pattern type tiles, Ceiling Mat type tiles, and new edge cut type tiles and a myriad tile designs, In various shapes and sizes.

Partition Blocks come in varieties like Galaxy, Porotherm Blocks, Round, and Jallies etc. These Jallies, along with wire cut bricks make interesting wall-scapes, interior & exterior elevation, partitions, outdoor planters, half-walls and separator fence. Our account managers are available around the clock to discuss your needs, and our logistics team works tirelessly to ensure that we live up to the promises that we make to our clients.

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